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HyperInflation In The US: Possibility Or Reality?

Here’s an exceptionally well made video by the National Inflation Association. If you don’t believe in hyperinflation (or even if you do) this eye-opening video will entertain and educate you regarding the historical currency devaluation that several other countries have faced and the total break down of economies like Zimbabwe. It also goes to explain [...]

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With the failure of Italy and the European Union imminent, Dr. Peter Morici, professor of economics at the Richard Smith School of Business at the Univesity of Maryland is calling for gold prices to hit $3,000 per ounce.
“With the implosion of Italy,” says the University of Maryland’s Peter Morici, “Portugal and Spain would not be [...]

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Silver has had a terrific run in the past year. From about $18/oz it ran up to nearly $50/oz. It has since pulled back. Right now, silver is $40/ounce, but it still looks like a good buy for the longterm investor .
Technical analysts at Citigroup say that silver may more than double to $100 an ounce [...]

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The past few weeks have seen a spate of violence in the Middle East. First it was in Egypt, followed by violence in Bahrain as well as Libya. International violence always causes a spike in gold and silver prices. Check out this snippet from Bloomberg:
Gold rose, silver gained to a 30- year high and palladium [...]

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According to Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, “I think not owning gold is a form of insanity. It may even show unhealthy masochistic tendencies which might need medical attention.” Check the CNBC video below:

I think the euro crisis might trigger a flight to US dollars and treasuries in the short term, but later [...]

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Shayne McGuire is not crazy, nor is he peddling any merchandise. Instead he runs a $330 million gold fund at the Teachers Retirement System of Texas. In his book, Hard Money: Taking Gold to a Higher Investment Level, he lays out the reasons why he expects gold to soar to $10,000 an ounce, as well [...]