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John Mauldin: “The Euro is not a currency, it is an experiment”
Posted in Gold on 16 January 2010

John Mauldin is an investment adviser for wealthy individuals. He has a fantastic free weekly newsletter where he deconstructs the political-economic environment and offers good advice on where to invest. He is also a big proponent of owning gold. Here’s his reasoning:
Why would anyone want to be long the dollar or treasuries? The dollar may [...]

Richard Russell on Silver
Posted in Silver on 7 January 2010

In the last post, I mentioned Richard Russell’s views on gold.  Recently, he declared that he was extremely bullish on silver as well:
January 6, 2010. They call it “the poor man’s gold.” But don’t turn your nose up at silver. The dollar was originally defined in terms of silver. When precious metals are on [...]