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HyperInflation In The US: Possibility Or Reality?

10 September 2009 2,594 views 5 CommentsEmail This Post Email This Post

money-to-burnHere’s an exceptionally well made video by the National Inflation Association. If you don’t believe in hyperinflation (or even if you do) this eye-opening video will entertain and educate you regarding the historical currency devaluation that several other countries have faced and the total break down of economies like Zimbabwe. It also goes to explain why the US is heading down a similar path of destruction and dollar devaluation and how you can protect your assets.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you’re interested in reading a more technical analysis, I suggest picking up a copy the Demise of the Dollar & why its even better for your investments.

I also strongly suggest you start buying gold and silver immediately. Like you saw in the video, people in Zimbabwe need about 0.3 gms of gold per day to survive. That’s approximately $15-20 worth of gold. You can purchase 1 gm bars of gold quite inexpensively for less than $50, and 1 ounce silver eagles or silver maple leafs for under $30.

If you believe that hyperinflation is a reality, please recommend this video to your friends and sign up for our mailing list.

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