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China Lends Venezuela $20 Billion
Posted in China, Economics on 21 April 2010

In exchange for a promise of 400,000 barrels of oil a day by 2015, China has agreed to lend Venezuela $20 Billion that it sorely needs. This will help offset China’s dependence on Saudi Arabia for its oil needs. Venezuela produces extra-heavy oil that is high in sulphur and has specific refining needs. Most of [...]

Jim Rogers: Why You Should Invest In Asia And Commodities
Posted in China, Currency, Inflation, Silver on 22 September 2009

Jim Rogers is one of my favorite investment “gurus”. Unlike many others, he’s made billions from investing as opposed to peddling investment advice and he puts his money where his mouth is. He has recently moved his family and household, lock, stock and barrel to China and believes Asia is the economic powerhouse for the [...]

Can China Affect Gold Prices?
Posted in China, Gold, Silver on 20 September 2009

The Chinese government has been advising its citizens to buy gold and silver. Typically, there is a large abyss between what the government wants and what the people actually do. However, in this case at least, it seems that the Chinese people are happy to be buying both these commodities. Until very, very recently possession [...]

Why $1000 Gold Is Here To Stay
Posted in China, Gold on 9 September 2009

Yesterday, the price of gold hit $1005/oz before retreating to just under the $1000 level. The question is whether gold will stay at this level or drop back down again like it did last year.
There’s a good chance that this time the $1000 level might stick. The difference between last year and now is that [...]

China To US: “We Hate You, We Hate You”
Posted in China, Currency, Economics on 6 September 2009

This is a quote from the video below,
We hate you, we hate you. You’re spending a trillion dollars and effectively devaluing your currency.
No wonder the Chinese government hates the US! They own a few trillion US dollars worth of currency and bonds and when we devalue our currency, they take a multi-billion dollar haircut. The [...]