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Silver To Hit $100 Per Ounce
Posted in Silver on 28 July 2011

Silver has had a terrific run in the past year. From about $18/oz it ran up to nearly $50/oz. It has since pulled back. Right now, silver is $40/ounce, but it still looks like a good buy for the longterm investor.
Technical analysts at Citigroup say that silver may more than double to $100 an ounce [...]

Gold Closes At Record High
Posted in Gold, Silver on 5 October 2010

Gold closed at a new record today. The price for gold went as high as $1,342/ounce before settling at $1,340.
Along with gold, silver has also been making 30 year highs. It closed the day at $22.81/ounce.  Along with other commodities like copper and tin, these precious metals have been increasing most likely due to fears [...]