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Silver To Hit $100 Per Ounce
Posted in Silver on 28 July 2011

Silver has had a terrific run in the past year. From about $18/oz it ran up to nearly $50/oz. It has since pulled back. Right now, silver is $40/ounce, but it still looks like a good buy for the longterm investor.
Technical analysts at Citigroup say that silver may more than double to $100 an ounce [...]

How To Profit From International Violence
Posted in Gold, Silver on 18 February 2011

The past few weeks have seen a spate of violence in the Middle East. First it was in Egypt, followed by violence in Bahrain as well as Libya. International violence always causes a spike in gold and silver prices. Check out this snippet from Bloomberg:
Gold rose, silver gained to a 30- year high and palladium [...]

Richard Russell on Silver
Posted in Silver on 7 January 2010

In the last post, I mentioned Richard Russell’s views on gold.  Recently, he declared that he was extremely bullish on silver as well:
January 6, 2010. They call it “the poor man’s gold.” But don’t turn your nose up at silver. The dollar was originally defined in terms of silver. When precious metals are on [...]

Can China Affect Gold Prices?
Posted in China, Gold, Silver on 20 September 2009

The Chinese government has been advising its citizens to buy gold and silver. Typically, there is a large abyss between what the government wants and what the people actually do. However, in this case at least, it seems that the Chinese people are happy to be buying both these commodities. Until very, very recently possession [...]

Why $1000 Gold Is Now Significant
Posted in Featured, Gold, Inflation, Silver, US Debt on 13 September 2009

Friday the 11th September 2009 marked a historic moment.  It’s the first time the price of gold actually closed above a $1000/ounce. Previous, it had breached the $1000 level only to face heavy selling pressure and a close below the magic level. Due to this, it seems as if $1000/oz is a psychological barrier for [...]

Gold At $5,000 Per Ounce?
Posted in Featured, Gold, Silver on 5 September 2009

What if the US government were to revert back to the gold standard? At what price of gold would we peg the dollar?
In 1971, the US government had 280 million ounces of gold [source]. Assuming that the sale of gold by the US mint is inconsequential, and that the amount of gold today is the [...]